“I hope you don’t mind me messaging you, but for my son when he gets into an emotional state he feels very alone and it’s upsetting as his parents to worry that he feels anxious with us with him. Your techniques have been amazing for him, we do them every night before bed and he keeps all the little notes you give him on a Thursday on his pinboard above his bed. You are helping us through a really difficult time with him and I can’t thank you enough!”


“I really can’t recommend Kath and her relaxation techniques enough. Last weekend Kath did a 1-2-1 with my five-year-old daughter and me. I love how Kath has incorporated aspects from relax kids, mini me meditation and story massage into one lovely session. We have some excellent relaxation and breathing techniques to use now and both of us have been using them over the past few days. It is lovely that my daughter keeps talking about different aspects of the hour and asking to do them with me.
Kath personalised the session so that fairies and rainbows were the focus for the techniques and activities which engaged my little girl.  Thank you Kath you really have introduced some lovely habits to our household which have incredible calming effects on all our family. We hope to see you again soon!”


“What a super amazing lady Kath is. She did a 1-2-1 session with me and my son (8) last week. Bed times aren’t stressful anymore, we have techniques to help him manage with his ADHD. Kath you’re a true treasure, can’t thank you enough, can’t wait to see you again. Recommend to everyone this truly amazing lady.”


“I have found Relax Kids has really helped my daughter. She’s been using it to help when she’s feeling sad at school. She even came up with her own idea of how she could use it when others are being unkind. She’s doing a lot better with using her breathing when she’s made to feel upset, then she looks for someone else to play with.  She has made her own relax space at home with all the things she has learnt at Relax Kids in.  She can go there after school and reflect on the day. Thank you Relax Kids Kath you are awesome.”

“We’ve really enjoyed the course and have been using some of the techniques to keep calm – it has really helped to control my son’s breathing and occasionally assisted avoiding a meltdown. Thank you so much for a wonderful course.”

― Messages to me from various different parents