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I’ve just set up a session (which I run from time to time) where the focus is Anxiety and Worry.

A Relax Kids session where we will focus is Anxiety and Worry.  One thing that I am finding more and more is that children find it really hard to engage with a community class so I wanted to make it easier for everyone.

Lots of children with anxiety. find it hard for them to go to new places, to do something that they’ve never done before, something they have no idea what they are going to be doing, they don’t know the teacher, they don’t know the venue, they don’t know the other children – all things that set off anxiety happening at the same time.  Perhaps if they only have to go once it’s not so bad, but it’s that thought of 4 weeks commitment that often makes it challenging for them.  We as parents know that they will benefit and we want to do all we can to support our children but it’s often not easy.

Just coming along to one Relax Kids session will have benefits.  Ok so not as many benefits as attending a course but children will still learn tools and techniques to help them through those tricky times.

So, I want to offer this session on a regular basis because:

  • 1. Children will learn something new that they will be able to put  into practice straight away to be able to help themselves in those challenging moments;
  • 2. It gives them the chance to try Relax Kids out;
  • 3. If they like the one off session they may then  be willing to come along to a course and discover even more tools and techniques to help them
  • 4. If they really don’t like the one off session they will still have learnt something helpful and they never. have to come back!

It can be so difficult for children to even agree to come along so I’m going to be recording a video clip to talk a bit more about Relax Kids and so children can see who I am.  If you’d like the link to share with your child  before booking a space then please do get in touch.

If you’re interested in booking up here are the details.  Thursday 13 February 4pm-5pm in Popley.  £8.50 per child. Book at

Feel free, though, to get in touch if you have any questions.

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