Courses after half term

First term back has been a busy one and Autumn 2 term looks the same! I am running 3 community courses in November; 2 in Brighton Hill on a Sunday and one in Bramley on a Thursday after school.  All courses are similar in that we cover Happiness in week 1; Anxiety/Worry in week 2; being angry in week 3 and being kind/positive in week 4.

My courses are for children in years 1-6 and cost £30 per child.  By attending the course children will learn some fabulous life skills to help them get through those challenging moments.

As well as my 4 week community courses I also run one off sessions from time to time and am going to be running an Anxiety/Worry session in November.  Often children who are anxious just find it too much to access a whole Relax Kids course so I run the 1-2-1 sessions to introduce Relax Kids to them and to teach tools and techniques that they can then use to help themselves in challenging moments.  Once they are familiar with me and Relax Kids they may then wish to go on and attend a 4 week course.

I tend to run the one off sessions in Basingstoke, but I’m more than happy to do one off sessions elsewhere as long as I get around 10 children attending.


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