What’s happening after the Easter hols

I thought I would update on what’s happening after the Easter holidays in the world of Relax Kids Basingstoke. I have lots going on!!

Alongside all the work I’ll be doing in schools (I’m in around 18 schools delivering 22 courses which will be amazing, so reaching out to around 250 children in Summer 1 term) I’m also running my usual community course – 5 weeks of Relax Kids sessions – 1 hour per week on a Friday from 4pm-5pm starting Friday 20 April.  Alongside the course there will also be stand alone sessions that focus on:

Anxiety/Worry (Thursday 19 April) – this will be my Relax Kids session following the 7 steps (as always) and we will do an activity related to Anxiety/Worry.

Relax Families (Thursday 3 May) – this is a session for families to come along and enjoy some relaxation time together.  An hour session where we will go through a Relax Kids session, a Mini Me Meditation session and learn a Story Massage.  Families can then use the techniques at home.

Pre-Sats session (Thursday 10 May) – this a session for children in Year 6 to have some relaxation time prior to Sats the following week.  I won’t be making a big deal of Sats at all, but will talk about how we can help ourselves if we ever start to feel worried/panicky in certain situations (eg tests)

As ever bookings can be made for each of these on my Bookwhen page – http://www.bookwhen.com/rkbasingstoke.

I also run 1-2-1 sessions as the times I run my sessions aren’t always easy for everyone; with 1-2-1s I can be so much more flexible on timing (including weekends) so please get in touch if this is something that interests you.


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