Vision Board for 2018

Given this is my relaxwithkath website, I feel I can write about things I love.  Usually I write about things related to children such as my Relax Kids courses or the Anxiety Relief course that I’m running, or perhaps Mini Me Yoga and Meditation.  But today, I thought I would write about something a little different…….vision boards. Who already has one, who would like to produce one, who is thinking ‘what on earth are you talking about’?  For me vision boards have been a key part of my journey for several years now and I will admit to being a total cynic before I totally understood what they were all about.

A vision board is something to help you focus on specific life goals, something that gives you clarity, something that helps you concentrate on what you really want.  I have several vision boards each specific to a part of my business and I have an overall vision too.  I love them!!

I would love to run a vision board workshop at some point if there is interest in getting a group together to focus on goals! Let me know if this is something you are interested in!


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