1-2-1 sessions

For those who aren’t able to make my courses in the community I offer 1-2-1 sessions in Basingstoke and the local area in the comfort of your home.  Sessions are tailored, where possible, to the individual children which is always nice.

Sessions start with the 7 steps of Relax Kids taking in gentle movement, mindful play, gentle stretching, self massage, breathing exercises, believing (all about positive affirmations and the children get to see a very special person) and finishing with the relaxation using visualisations written for children which are lovely.

After the Relax Kids part we move onto Mini Me Meditation which takes in mindful colouring and a short meditation which I will leave with you so that you can use in your daily routine.

All finished off with Story Massage, where you, your child and your child’s teddy will be in a massage train and I’ll demonstrate a story massage which you’ll have in the pack to use in your daily routine as well.

It’s a very jam packed hour long session and my aim is to leave families with 3 tools that they can use going forwards.  I’ve had feedback that the session is paced just right to keep children engaged for the hour and in your own time you might use all the techniques together or take bits from each to build your own relaxation session at home.

If you are interested in booking a session please do get in touch with me (rkbasingstoke@yahoo.co.uk). Cost for the session is £50.



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