GoZen! Anxiety Relief programme

Sadly I’m meeting more and more children who are really struggling with anxiety and worry and it’s often tough for them to engage in an interactive class (such as Relax Kids) so I wanted to find something that was a little different. Don’t get me wrong, Relax Kids is, in my opinion, an awesome class for children to learn tools and techniques to deal with lots of different situations they come up against in life and I’m still very much focusing on this, but I wanted to find something else to support children who are finding it hard to access Relax Kids courses.

For a while now I’ve been wanting to do more to empower children who are finding things tough and I feel that I’ve found something that children will love and understand. As with other courses/programmes out there, there is always going to be a caveat that it’s not going to be for all children and perhaps it won’t work for all children. The course is all about empowering children. I feel that there is something that we can all learn from the course.

So I’m now licensed and insured to run “The GoZen! anxiety relief program” which teaches your child how to understand and manage their worry. And because stress, pressure and challenges are part of everyday life, these are skills your child will use forever.

Children will learn research-based methods to manage worry including:

  • What happens when you worry, why some types of worry are actually good and how to use the good type of worry
  • How worry affects the body, and what to do about it
  • How worry affects thinking, creates repetitive, exaggerated thoughts, and what to do about it

The GoZen! creators suggest the course is for ages 3-25! One point to make clear though is that it’s the same course regardless of age but for now I’m focusing on 7-11 year olds.

The course is a little different in that it’s focused on animation; which children love and really resonate with. My role will be to facilitate the course; to provide the video links, the paperwork, the space for children to engage, learn and practice the techniques. It’s an American programme so there will be some words/phrases that children may not understand but that doesn’t take away from the value of the course.

The course will be 5 weeks in total, and it will be around 35-45 minutes each week. There will be work to practice in between sessions but children won’t be expected to share their homework with others.

Children can participate as much or as little as they wish. I will ask questions and if children feel they want to contribute that’s great; if they don’t then that’s equally great as I’ll have the answers!

The cost will be £35 for the 5 week course (which will be 35-45 minutes each week) and there will be 6-8 children on each course.

Adults are welcome to stay for the session.

Bookings can be made at http://www.bookwhen.com/rkbasingstoke

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