Online Relaxation

Throughout December I ran an online relaxation group where I posted daily exercises/activities and once a week a longer relaxation session of around 30-40 minutes.  The daily exercise/activity involved perhaps 2 or 3 minutes focusing on a particular breathing exercise, a mindful observation for a couple of minutes, some mindful colouring and the exercises were posted early in the day so that those in the group could access at a time that suited them.  Same with the longer relaxation session so that everyone could do at a time that worked best for them.

I had some lovely feedback about how busy people were finding that few minutes in their day to take some time out for themselves – so, so important with the busy lives we lead.  We do find it difficult to spend time on ourselves without feeling guilty and I wanted to set this group up so that people can fit in the relaxation exercises when it works best for them; perhaps after breakfast before going to work, perhaps on their way to work, during lunchtime, early evening etc and the bonus is that once the exercise/activity is posted it’s there to be used as much as you like until the end of the month.

You don’t need any equipment to take part, just a little time every day!

I’m hosting this in a private Facebook group and the cost is just £10 for the month.  The next group starts on Monday 1 January and will be held in ‘relaxwithkath in January’ on Facebook so please feel free to book your place at and then ask to be added to my group. Hope to see you there!


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