Looking forward to 2018…

It’s almost Happy New Year time! Do you have any New Year resolutions? I’m not in the habit of making them but tend to choose a word for the year! Next year it will be courage! I’m planning on stepping outside of my comfort zone to do lots of things I will find challenging!! So I’ll most certainly be using the tools and techniques I teach in my Relax Kids classes!

2017 has been awesome in terms of support from parents, schools, Council, professional services teams and of course all the young people who have embraced Relax Kids and engaged in sessions so well.  I’m pleased to be working more and more in secondary schools to support those young people who are finding things tough with exams looming and on the whole feedback has been incredible.  Sometimes I think we don’t realise what we’re missing until we’ve tried something, benefitted and then we stop having it (if that even makes sense!)  My best feedback has to have been from a male Year 11 student who asked “do we really only have 2 sessions left? How much do we have to pay you to keep you?”

Next year I’m looking forward to running more courses in schools I’ve worked in as well as some new schools which is always great.  My after school Friday course will continue and I’ll look at possibly adding other after school courses after February half term.

My December adult relax online was a great success and I really enjoyed doing it.  I’m looking forward to the new group starting on Monday so if you want to give it a go it’s just £10 for a month and you’ll have access to a private Facebook group where I will be posting daily exercises which last a few minutes and then once a week a longer 30-40 minute relaxation session.  All for a bargain £10 for the month!! You can book you place at http://www.bookwhen.com/rkbasingstoke.

I have 3 places left on my January Relax Kids Friday course (4pm-5pm in Popley).

I’m running the GoZen! Anxiety Relief 5 week course in January too, so if this is something you are interested in please get in touch although I will be doing a blog about this shortly.

In the meantime, wishing you and your family a wonderful 2018!


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