I’m about to try something new!! Since I started running my Just Relax adult relaxation classes I’ve wanted to do something online, and inspired by another Relax Kids coach I’ve decided to give it a go!!

So starting in December I will be running online relaxation (alongside my regular Monday evening class).  This will be an opportunity for those who can’t get to my Monday class to benefit from the sessions too.  It could also be an opportunity for those students in secondary school who are keen to take part in something like this but coming to an evening group just doesn’t work for them.  At the moment I’m looking at running this through a private Facebook group.

My aim is to start on 1 December and to run through to 31 December.  Once a week there will be a 40-50 minute relaxation session (similar to the one I do on a Monday evening); taking you through mindful movement, mindful play, gentle stretching, self massage, breathing and relaxation (and at the end I will be picking an affirmation card to share with you).  The session will be recorded and placed on Facebook at around 7pm on a Sunday evening (that’s my plan anyway!) and you will then have the chance to do this at that time, or at a time that suits you.  All content in the group will be available from the day it’s loaded onto the private Facebook group until 31 December.

From Monday-Saturday I will be posting an exercise/activity that you might like to try that day.  It may be a 5 minute breathing exercise, it may be a meditation, it may be something else; I’m still thinking through the detail.

For the month of December the cost will be £10 and that will give you access to all content from 1-31 December.  I’m hoping to continue this on a monthly basis so that people can re-join each month.  I’m conscious of those rolling subscriptions that we sometimes have but don’t make use of and want this to be something that is of value to those who take part!

If you’d like to book up please go to and sign up! I’ll be in touch soon to add you to the Facebook groups.

Here’s to a relaxed, chilled December!


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