The reason I love what I do….

The reason I love what I do…..Often I don’t get to hear about the impact of my Relax Kids work on children from their parents following my work with children in school, so it made my day to get this feedback this morning.

“Good morning Kath.  You see my son once a week at school, I would just like to thank you personally for the exercises you have been teaching him, he had a very very difficult day in school yesterday and really suffered mentally with his emotions and anxiety, I was informed that he took it upon himself to use the techniques you have taught him especially the tracing the outline of your fingers one, and within 20 minutes he had calmed to a point of responding to the teachers.   You are making a huge difference in our sons life so he can start to lead a normal day to day school life, and I just wanted to thank you for that.”

I emailed back to say thank you so much for this feedback and also received the following:

“I hope you don’t mind me messaging you but for my son when he gets into an emotional state he feels very alone and it’s upsetting as his parents to worry that he feels anxious with us with him, your techniques have been amazing for him, we do them everynight before bed and he keeps all the little notes you give him on a Thursday on his pinboard above his bed, you are helping us through a really difficult time with him I can’t thank you enough!”


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