So, what’s so special about Relax Kids…

So brilliantly put by fellow Relax Kids coach Emma Fenemore and applies to all of us running Relax Kids classes/courses both inside and outside of school.
“What makes Relax Kids special, what can I offer that other service providers don’t, what do they get for the fee I charge?
Relax Kids is so much more than just the time we’re with the children. The real value in what we do as Coaches isn’t just the brilliant, fun, interesting, colourful sessions we run. It’s in the self awareness that our classes give to children when they’re angry at their parents. It’s in the decision they make to take a moment to breathe when they’ve fallen out with their best friend and they’re feeling sad. It’s in the stretches they do when they’ve got an important event and need a moment to collect themselves. It’s in the multitude of positive affirmations they have at the ready to help steer themselves through all manner of situations. It’s in their ability to just stop and take a moment to listen to their bodies and consciously relax. It’s in their own understanding that when they’re having a meerkat moment THEY have the tools to manage it and take control of what happens next.
The true benefits of Relax Kids are actually felt outside of our classes, in every aspect of the children’s lives, no matter where they are or what they’re doing and, most importantly, for the rest of their lives. It can and does make a huge difference to so many. I can’t think of one single other bought in service that can make the same claim. In terms of value for money it doesn’t get better than that!”


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